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Hello everyone, I’m ArtsyDC and welcome to the wonderful world of art! I’ve always been an artist. Ever since I was a kid, you could find me drawing or painting something, constantly making things. I did it as a hobby even though I took of lot of art in all grade levels up to college. I honestly never thought of making a career out of it, I just enjoyed it. Then, in early 2020 COVID hit. The world was turned upside down and I found myself in quarantine. Not because I had COVID, but because of my main job as a caregiver. I had to keep my elderly patients safe by limiting my outside exposure. Needless to say, I had a lot of time on my hands with just me and my dog. Then my dog died. It broke my heart. He was old and it was his time, but I was still left with this huge gap in my life.

I decided to drown myself in paint instead of sorrow. I promised myself and my dog that I would do 100 paintings to try and turn this sadness into something productive. ​I poured my newfound passion into my art and the paintings just flowed out of me. Even when I wasn’t painting, I kept thinking about painting. It really helped me deal with everything that was happening. Before I knew it, I had quite a collection of paintings overflowing from my studio into my bedroom. One day, a friend saw how many paintings I had and said, “These are really good, you should sell them.” I showed a lot of people my art, and they also agreed that I should try a career in painting or art. I thought about it for awhile, and then it hit me… I love my paintings, and I love to paint, maybe I can share some of that with other people through my art? And so a career in art was born.